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Man Muscle

 tags: Muscles

A man's firm muscle might feel like a hard rock under your fingertips, but let your touch linger and you'll feel his heartbeat.

"Best Men 2" (Falcon) More from this set »
In the course of my erotic research, I've seen men's muscles likened to:
  • knotted iron
  • lead
  • hickory wood
  • granite
  • supple stone
  • steel springs
  • a board
  • dense rubber

After a very hot shower or massage, men's muscles have been likened to:
  • wax
  • dough
  • butter
  • jelly
  • cake
  • putty
  • rope
  • rubber

Whose Lance is Bigger?

 tags: Eyes

Check out the heavy-duty eye contact between these two soldiers of fortune (from back in the year 1500).  Do you think the mercenary on the left knows that his fellow soldier is bare-assed?  They're standing quite close to one another, eh?  There's just room for one erect pole between them.  Here's the full engraving over at the British Museum.

From a Cock to a Gang Bang

 tags: Cocks, Here's What It Looks Like

The Velvet Mafia (Falcon)
"The Velvet Mafia" (Falcon) More from this set »
Changing just one letter at a time, you can go from a cock to a gang bang, and every word in between is pretty hot in itself:













If you want to skip the gang bang, you can go from BUNG to:








Penis from Heaven

 tags: Cocks

In this vintage photo, check out the eye contact between a men's shower attendant and a half-naked young soldier. Is the attendant telling the young man to keep his dick on a leash, or is he saying "flaunt it if you've got it"? The young man sure has a devilish smirk on his face! And why does the shower attendant have one hand in his pocket, eh? And is the man in the background perhaps spotting a hottie coming in for a steam (or steaming in for a cum)?

In other vintage news, this talisman from back in 1704 shows a man's penis at the center of everything. The talisman was intended to attract and magnify angelic powers. Who wouldn't want a sexy angel by his side? (Thanks, BibliOdyssey.)

Penis Talisman c. 1704

Is a Boner Just a Boner?

 tags: Cocks, Michael Ian Black, Pics of the Day

Comedian Michael Ian Black tweets: "Freud once said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Does that also mean sometimes a boner is just a boner?"

from Thierry and Trevor in the Kitchen by BelAmi
Thierry & Trevor in the Kitchen (BelAmi)