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Stripping as Masculine Empowerment

 tags: Stripping

Stripping off your clothing can be a tremendous source of personal empowerment.  Indeed, clothes can hinder your masculine power:

Acting as a barrier between us and our surroundings, between us and others, clothing prevents us from being totally present in any situation, thus limiting our power.  To be fully present, we must be totally visible, and only when we are fully present anywhere or with anyone can we be fully empowered.... The first step toward empowerment, then—experiencing our power—is getting naked, and getting naked in the presence of others. 
—Daniel D. Ziegler, Naked Before God (1999)

The act of erotic stripping is certainly about taking control, and power is what puts the "tease" in strip-tease.  The stereotypical male stripper has his entire audience in the palm of his hand even as he slowly peels off his bulging short-shorts.

Exhibition - stripper

Manhole Cover

 tags: Fashion, Here's What It Looks Like, Pics of the Day

The arrow of the male symbol is obviously symbolic of an erect dick.  But did you ever wonder what the circle part stands for?  It's a man hole!  Now we think every manhole cover should be properly decorated with a male symbol, as in this photo submitted by a buddy (left).  Proudly displaying the symbol of his pole and hole is Badpuppy model Tolik (right).

Manhole Cover + Tolik by Badpuppy

Give a Buddy the Armpit Test

 tags: Armpits

The next time a new buddy is pulling off your shirt, take an opportunity to see if he'll be fab or drab in bed.  Raise an arm and offer him your armpit.  If he's not eager to get high on your musk, tell him to fuck off instead of fucking him.  Or, to put it in street lingo, if he can't handle your funk, don't let him handle your junk.

Jose and Leo from 2 Magazine
Jose & Leo by [2] Magazine »

UNDERcover: Toga Parties

 tags: Fashion

Toga parties are Roman-themed celebrations in which the participants dress in the style of ancient Rome and typically partake of wine. The fabric flows freely, as does the wine, and being "loose" is the rule of the night. All of the exposed skin and lowered inhibitions is a recipe for some wild and raunchy times. In this 450-photo essay, I'll cover a couple dozen different aspects of toga parties, from the quiet, intimate moments when guys help each other into their togas, to the tightly-packed final hours of the party when sexual tensions begin finding release.

One cool thing about togas is that you need help putting them on. This encourages some rather intimate interactions well before the party starts.

This article has 8 pages.  Continue reading »

Shower Head

 tags: Ejaculation

I noticed a new way you can tell if a man is gay.  Let's say that you're showering with a buddy, and he accidentally grabs the conditioner first instead of the shampoo.  He grasps his palm-full of squirted conditioner and asks you to lather up his head with shampoo since you still have two free hands.  When your buddy is rinsed and ready to use the conditioner, he opens his clenched fingers, and every drop of the pearly cream is still in his hand.  I humbly suggest that only a gay man could hold pearly cream in his palm during a several minute-long downpour and not lose a drop.  (Incidentally, I discovered this new way to tell if a man is gay during a shower with my partner.  We installed one of those nifty dual head showers, so we can bathe together without one of us hogging the water.  Whether you have a horny roommate, frequent sleep-over buddy, or steady partner, dual head showers come highly recommended!)

from Best Men 2 - The Wedding Party by Falcon
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