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The Buttocks Hide a Secret

 tags: Anal Sex

"The anus, the very part of us about which most of us are conditioned to withhold in shame, and from which most of us are not only discouraged from enjoying, but are forbidden to enjoy, not only becomes exposed, but explored; its delicacy, its vulnerability, its sensitivity more appreciated, more provoking, more exciting, and more enjoyed—a secret place scrutinized, no longer hidden.  The buttocks, separated, reveal the secret kept well between them."  —David Barton-Jay, The Enema as an Erotic Art and Its History, 1984

Ass shot by Badpuppy
Ass shot by Badpuppy

Meeting Your Lover Halfway

 tags: Anal Sex, Out of Context, Pics of the Day

"Like affection and commitment, your willingness to meet your lover halfway develops slowly." —Riki Jones, Negotiating Love

"Raw Weekend Retreat" (Hot Desert Knights)

The Iron Grillwork Position

 tags: Anal Sex, Pics of the Day

Iron grillwork on windows isn't to keep strangers out but to help buddies in . . .

from Huge Fuck'n Dicks by Hot Desert Knights
"Huge Fuck'n Dicks" (Hot Desert Knights)

A Fuckbuddy's Baton

 tags: Ejaculation

In the finest fuckbuddy scenario, you welcome your friend to the fireside (as it were), invite him to wave his fleshy baton, and permit him to feel like the conductor of your little symphony—his pearly essence just the bit of color needed to complete the harmonic ensemble.

from The Private Life of Josh Elliot by BelAmi
The Private Life of Josh Elliot (BelAmi) More info »

Stripping as Masculine Empowerment

 tags: Stripping

Stripping off your clothing can be a tremendous source of personal empowerment.  Indeed, clothes can hinder your masculine power:

Acting as a barrier between us and our surroundings, between us and others, clothing prevents us from being totally present in any situation, thus limiting our power.  To be fully present, we must be totally visible, and only when we are fully present anywhere or with anyone can we be fully empowered.... The first step toward empowerment, then—experiencing our power—is getting naked, and getting naked in the presence of others. 
—Daniel D. Ziegler, Naked Before God (1999)

The act of erotic stripping is certainly about taking control, and power is what puts the "tease" in strip-tease.  The stereotypical male stripper has his entire audience in the palm of his hand even as he slowly peels off his bulging short-shorts.

Exhibition - stripper