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One Way to Make a Protein Shake

 tags: Before & After, Ejaculation

Why is Jason creaming into his protein powder?  Here's the "before" . . . Click on the image to reveal the "after."

An Insight Into Gay Sex-Magick

 tags: Red Hot Gray Areas

Here's how thinking about jizz, piss, and spit can help you better understand one of the cryptic maxims of gay sex-magick, "As above, so below." Let's start with the "below" part of the maxim, referring to dirty, animalistic gay sex. Spraying a man with semen is filthy, pissing all over him is filthier, and spitting on him is filthiest. Note how the fluids get filthier the higher up on the body they originate. The balls are the lowest organs, but their jizz isn't as degrading as piss, which comes from the bladder above, because jizz is accompanied by the bliss of orgasm, while piss is accompanied by the lesser pleasure of bladder pressure relief. Spit is the most contemptuous of the fluids because the spitter does not derive physical pleasure from the act. From the spiritual perspective, the body fluids get less degrading the higher up on the body they originate. Hence, kissing (saliva) is the most chaste form of physical affection while fucking (semen) is the lowest (and urine remains in the middle). And so the meaning of "as above, so below" becomes clear. Spit is the ultimate in base carnality, even though it's highest up in terms of bodily "chakras" (energy centers), even as salivary kissing is the ultimate expression of enlightened love. The heavenly bliss of orgasm is accompanied by ejaculated semen from down low. The lowest is the highest and the highest is the lowest as a man's body fluids dissolve duality into a red-hot gray area.

Let It All Out

 tags: Cocks, Ejaculation, Here's What It Looks Like, Music Lovers

Before time runs out
let it all out.
—Red Flag, "Let it Begin," Time is the Reaper

(By the way, that lyric is from a terrific, galloping EBM-style track that Your Bearded Confidant can recommend wholeheartedly.  The genre of EBM is unabashedly masculine, with relentlessly driving beats and typically homoerotic lyrics.)

Here are some men doing what the band Red Flag recommends: letting it all out before time runs out:

The Controversial "Gay Sex" Hardcore Diet

 tags: Red Hot Gray Areas

The latest hardcore gay sex diet originated in - you guessed it - Japan, birthplace of the kinkiest kinks.  On this diet, you ingest only what nourishment can be derived from your fellow man, which means that you devour only cum, spit, and piss, with no limits on how much you swallow in a day.  Yes, the diet is the ultimate celebration of mansex, and yes, you do lose weight quickly, but no, it's not safe sex and, as with most all diet fads, it's not nutritionally sound.  While we love the idea of the gay sex hardcore diet, we can't in good conscience recommend it.

A Dick Can't Suck Itself

 tags: Cocks, Here's What It Looks Like, Oral Sex

A dick can't suck itself.  I know it sounds obvious, but if it is so obvious then why do too many men continue to suffer from a lack of oral sex?  The statistics on how many men are not getting their dicks sucked at this very moment are nothing short of scandalous.  Change cannot come without awareness.  Ask yourself either: Am I enjoying a blowjob right now? or Am I giving a man a blowjob right now?  If the answer is "no," there's no point in thinking about it further -- only action can make a difference.  Know this: there are dicks and cocksuckers a-plenty.  Every dick needs to get sucked, and every cocksucker needs a good mouth-fucking.  Be guided by this simple truism: a dick can't suck itself.  Then start making a difference.