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Which Look is Hotter for Jaxton?

 tags: Hairy Men

Which style suits Jaxton better?  Trimmed all over or shaggy all over?

Is He Really Ready to Be Penetrated?

 tags: Anal Sex, Before & After

Darius says he's ready for that cock up his ass.  Here's the "before" . . . Click on the image to reveal the "after" and see if Darius is man enough.

Is the Typical "Faggot" 10 Inches Long?

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like

Since the original meaning of "faggot" is "bundle of sticks," is this photo from 1903 suggesting that the typical faggot is 10 inches long?

5 Tips For When Depression is a Cock-Blocker

 tags: Ways to Jack Off

It's well-known that ejaculation is a good depression-fighter, but the problem is that depression can dampen your sex drive to such an extent that you don't feel like jerking off, much less seeking out companionship.  Here are five tips to consider:

  1. Depression kills boners, but remember that it's not your virility in question.  Getting that cock hard again is crucial to the depression-kicking chemicals your body releases with orgasm.  The philosopher William James came up an interesting insight: he asked, do we run because we're afraid, or are we afraid because we run.  The answer he determined might surprise you: we are afraid because we run, and not vice versa.  Let's apply that philosophy to masculine sexuality: are we hard because we're horny, or are we horny because we're hard?  William James' answer would be that the hardon comes first and the horniness second.  So getting hard is job one.  Free yourself of any stigma about erectile function medication.  Whatever gets that dick hard, just get that dick hard.  Additionally, get out your handy penis pump, your trusty tub of enlargement cream, and your penile sensitivity oil.
  2. Spend more time every day focused on erotic photography and film clips, even if you're not especially in the mood.  Make it a regular part of your day to appreciate the wonders of the male body.  The more men you see expressing their masculinity (i.e., glorious cumshots) in a day, the harder it is for depression to take root.  If you prefer erotic stories to imagery, that's cool, too.  Don't think of it as a lecherous hobby -- this is the science of Anthropology, the study of mankind.
  3. In your home (and not just in your bedroom), surround yourself with homoerotic art.  If your roommate situation or other circumstances won't allow full-frontal nude men on your walls, you can substitute abstract and ancient symbols of masculinity, like the polished stone Shiva Lingam of Hinduism that celebrates the generative energy of the phallus in a symbolic way.  It may feel like the world is going to hell, but the perfection of the male body endures, and it's very important to keep that fresh in mind via constant visual reminders.
  4. Acquire a Thai penis amulet to wear around your neck or keep in your pocket.  Whether or not you're superstitious, it's a wonderful reminder of your deepest sexuality, and when times are tough, why not be open to whatever mojo or blessings you can get?
  5. Whenever possible while you work and during your relaxation time, keep a hand down your pants, not so much to masturbate but to cradle your cock and balls.  It's actually amazing just how comforting it is to have your balls cradled.  Get in the habit of keeping at least one hand down your pants whenever possible, as it's a vital way of staying centered, remembering what's important in life, and chasing the blues away.  

What to Say On a Date if You're Not Sure About Watersports

 tags: Watersports

If your hookup surprises you by suggesting some piss play, but you're not sure about watersports, there are many ways to handle the situation without ruining the date:

1. You can honor your date's fetish by proposing taking a piss into a toilet alongside him.  Say something like, "Whenever I first meet a man, I like to watch him take a piss as we urinate together.  Will you let me hold your dick while you do it?"  Once bladders are emptied, thoughts will naturally move on to other sexual possibilities.  But at least your date will have had some sexy piss play, even if it technically doesn't make you horny along the way.  If you're feeling a bit more open-minded, offer to let him watch you piss all over yourself in the shower.

2. If your date is a piss bottom, but you aren't ready to piss into a guy's mouth, offer to piss into a drinking glass for him to guzzle after the fact.  He'll get what he wanted, and you won't have violated your own boundaries.

3. If your date is a piss top but you definitely aren't ready to open your mouth as his urinal, suggest that he piss all over your body in the shower.  He'll get to experience the joy of dousing you, and you'll be soapy and clean moments later, no harm done.  Remember that unlike in the rest of the animal kingdom, if a man pisses on you, you don't become his "territory."