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A Man or a Mouse-Click?

 tags: It Takes a Man

The idea behind the visual below is simple: while technology is great, let's not allow a virtual "like" or "heart" or "thumb up" of a hot guy to substitute for showing affection one-on-one.  Clicking a "thumb up" must not replace actually sticking your thumb up a man's hole.  Clicking a "heart" icon must not replace laying a hand on a man's bare chest and feeling his heartbeat.  There's no more meaningful way to show appreciation for a man than to ejaculate all over him.  By all means, click away on the internet as you will, but back up that virtual love with flesh and fluids.

A Simple Way to Attract 18% More Sex

 tags: Chests, Hairy Men, Here's What It Looks Like

The numbers are in, and men who leave their shirts open so as to display chest hair are enjoying fully 18% more sex than their buttoned-up brothers.

If you have to wear a tie, you can still display fur:

Even if you wear a costume, no problem:

This man enjoyed two encounters the day he left his shirt completely unbuttoned:

He finally realized it would be a crime to ever button his shirt:

The Science Behind the Gay Rainbow

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like

People are always talking about the "gay rainbow," but here's the science behind it:

The 5 Stages of Not Getting Your Dick Sucked

 tags: Cocks, Here's What It Looks Like, Oral Sex

1. Denial: I simply can't believe my dick isn't getting sucked.  It's not possible that someone isn't sucking my dick right now.  I mean, look at it -- this is a dick made for someone's hungry mouth.  A dick like this is worth 24/7 blowjobs.

2. Anger: Why isn't my fucking dick getting sucked?!  Where are people's priorities?  No wonder the world is a lousy shit-hole when nobody is even smart enough to suck my fucking dick!

3. Bargaining: If somebody, anybody, will suck my dick, I won't entertain a selfish thought for the entire rest of the day. 

4. Depression: I'm never going to get my dick sucked.  What's the point in even having a dick if nobody will ever suck it?  I don't even feel like jerking off, because a dick was made to get sucked, so why even bother cumming otherwise?  I might as well go join a monastery.  No, wait -- those monks are sucking each other off non-stop.  Even guys who have taken a vow of celibacy get more action than I do.

5. Acceptance: I've only been waiting to get my dick sucked for five minutes.  Hang on, hard-on -- we can get through this together.

Learning from Porn

 tags: Stories

Learning from Porn
by William Keckler, the Poet Laureate of the Gay Pornosphere

One thing we learn from porn
is that virtually all plumbers
have ingenious desires
and designs on large subpopulations
of the human race.
Their demographic is everyone.
And though you scoff
at the lowly state
of acne-ridden delivery boys,
we know for a fact from porn
they are only one doorbell away
from your sweet Desmond's willing ass.
Maybe you have sat in the dark
with Travis Bickle too,
and learned the way boys whose hands
are well-acquainted with their ankles
really are, once they realize
the camera of desire is watching
them, hungry, waiting.
It is all so very educational.
It really is the perfect university
for a life of masturbation
and confused regret.