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Inspirational Quotes Meet Pornography, 2

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Humor

One Way to Be More of a Sex Siren

 tags: Before & After, Tattoos

See how King made his "Sex Siren" tattoo fancier.  Here's the "before" . . . Click on the image to reveal the "after."

It's All In How You Frame the Story

 tags: Red Hot Gray Areas

Consider the action below.  The next day, the guy could say, "A man came to my bed last night and boned me over and over."  It can be great fun to tell the truth but in the sexiest way possible.  Our illustration is from The Boyd Smith Mother Goose, 1920.

The World May be a Cesspool, But ...

 tags: Humor, Michael Ian Black, Watersports

The world may be a cesspool, but even cesspools look kind of pretty when the light catches them right.
—the well-lit Michael Ian Black

The Secret Sexual Meaning of the Number 67 on T-Shirts

 tags: Fashion, Red Hot Gray Areas

Guys who wear shirts emblazoned with "67" are sending secret, sexual messages to those in the know.  You might have already guessed the meaning -- the number 67 is two less than 69, implying that "It takes two to make a 69."  In other words, 67 plus two (as in two men) makes 69 (as in two men sucking each other off simultaneously).  So we're always "67ing" when we're not 69ing.  A shirt with 67 is saying, "I'm not 69ing right now because I need someone else's dick.  Two cocksuckers are required to go from 67 to 69.  Are you willing to make it all add up?"