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Love Juice - Semenyms

 tags: Sperm Terms

From the "Beverages" section of our Dictionary of Semenyms:

love juice - an erotic secretion; used to suggest the erotic passion associated with orgasm. “I felt his love juice flood into me with the force of a broken faucet.” —Ivor Cummings


What Solves the Problem of "How Do I Fuck My Flashlight?"

 tags: Michael Ian Black

Say what you want about the Fleshlight, but it really solves the problem of "How do I fuck my flashlight?"
Michael Ian Black, who always nails it

Manbroth - Semenyms

 tags: Sperm Terms

From the "Nourishment" section of our Dictionary of Semenyms:

manbroth - a nourishing, salty, masculine soup. “Tons of manbroth splattered about.” —Keeneye Reeves


Jizz Makes Noise

 tags: Ejaculation, Music Lovers

"Jizz Makes Noise" — our re-write of the lyrics to "Blood Makes Noise" by Suzanne Vega:

I think that you might want to know
the details and the facts,
but there's something in my balls
denies the memory of the acts.

So just forget it Doc.
It's really cool that you're concerned,
but we'll have to try again
after my hardon has returned.

Cause jizz makes noise.
It's whizzing past my head.
Jizz makes noise.
And I can't really hear you
in the midst of getting bred.

Amps - Semenyms

 tags: Sperm Terms

From the "Gushing Terms" section of our Dictionary of Semenyms:

amps - an electric flow of energy; used to describe semen as pure masculine energy. “His hungry power tool is churning out more amps than the Hoover Dam.” —Anonymous