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Jackpot - Semenyms

 tags: Sperm Terms

From the "Value" section of our Dictionary of Semenyms:

jackpot - a big wad; used to describe semen as the ultimate reward; the cock could be likened to the lever of a gambling machine which spills out a jackpot of semen. “I was rewarded for my furious stroking with a copious jackpot.” —John Middleman


It Takes a Man to Raise a Man

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, It Takes a Man, Out of Context

It takes a man to raise a man.
—Elwood Watson, Performing American Masculinities

The Hard Stuff - Semenyms

 tags: Sperm Terms

From the "Beverages" section of our Dictionary of Semenyms:

the hard stuff - an intoxicating, addictive beverage; used to associate semen not only with distilled spirits but also as the product of an erection.


Another Meaning of "Giving Head"

 tags: Anal Sex, Here's What It Looks Like

"Giving head" doesn't always mean offering a blowjob. As we see in these photos, it can also mean trying to shove your own head up another man's ass.

Northern Lights - Semenyms

 tags: Sperm Terms

From the "Poetic Imagery" section of our Dictionary of Semenyms:

Northern Lights - an awe-inspiring event of nature. “Try the Rainbow Special—all colors in one—and squirt Niagara Falls, Pikes Peak, souvenir postcards, rainbows, and Northern Lights.” —William Burroughs, Cities of the Red Night