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One Guy's Solution for His Cum-Addicted Boyfriend

 tags: Ejaculation

A guy at a party told us about how he's helping his sex-addicted boyfriend.  Since it's not humanly possible to give his man all the cum he needs in a day, the guy found a source of imported powdered semen (used in Chinese medicine).  He makes a soup out of the powdered semen and uses a turkey baster to squirt the warm sauce into his boyfriend's mouth.  He said the cum soup, in conjunction with a vibrating butt plug, is keeping his boyfriend off the streets.

Snow Storm - Semenyms

 tags: Sperm Terms

From the "Color" section of our Dictionary of Semenyms:

snow storm - used to describe semen as an unstoppable force of nature. "With five ultrahard cocks pointing down at me, I was caught in the middle of a man-made snow storm.” —Anonymous


Here and Now in Large Amounts

 tags: Romance

Here and now is all that counts
Here and now in large amounts
—Adam Ant, "Room at the Top"

If Man is Love and Love is Man ...

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Romance

Now if man is love, and love is man, then perfect man would be perfect love, and perfect love would be perfect man.
—Lewis F. Hite

Syrup - Semenyms

 tags: Sperm Terms

From the "Sweet Flavor" section of our Dictionary of Semenyms:

syrup - a runny, sweet liquid; used to describe semen that pours out of the penis in slow, heavy drops. “It felt like he had a giant load of syrup built up in his loins.” —M.J. Rennie, Hoe to Adore an Older Woman