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What's Your Motto? - #15

 tags: Tattoos

As we saw in Part 14, some men are so dedicated to their personal mottoes that they have the words tattooed onto their bodies. Here are some more from our archives:

"Beast / Beauty":

"Trying to win at a fool's game":

"Veritas Aequitas [Truth and Equity/Justice]":

"No I am not lucky, I am blessed, yes.":

"Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt":

"You can soar":

"Forgotten like a whisper in the dark
without a flicker or a spark
lonely forever is how I'll be
until I find my heart in me":

"Sex Siren":

Underwater Boners

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Rob Huebel

"Depth Charge: the underwater boner that most underwater cameramen get while filming the swimming events. It's completely natural."
—the ever-horny-and-hilarious Rob Huebel

Which Look Best Suits Tommy Defendi

 tags: Hairy Men, Polls

Which look best suits horndog Tommy Defendi? (Vote at the bottom of the photo list.)

1. Buzz cut and stubble:

2. Standard haircut and beard:

3. Close-cropped hair and beard:

4. Short hair and clean shaven:

5. Holding puppy:

Going Gay For Every Male Swimmer

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Michael Ian Black

Gentlemen, if you haven't gone gay for every male swimmer, I question your humanity.
Michael Ian Black, telling it like it is

Spread Eagled 2

 tags: Anal Sex

A friend explains why the spread-eagle position isn't right for his bottoming: "If I’m being fucked, I need a little sphincter control, whether you’re taking me from behind or missionary position, I need my legs so I can keep a little clenching action going on. Jose preferred my legs spread wide, his ultimate fantasy of control. I enjoy a good fuck but, I’m just not equipped like that."

Here are some other "spread eagle positions": http://www.keepstill.com/blog/spread-eagled.html