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Phantom Dicks #6

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Ways to Jack Off

How can you tell a guy is used to handling two guys at once? When he instinctively grabs for a second cock that isn't there.

Next Time You Jerk Off ...

 tags: Ejaculation, Hairy Men, Here's What It Looks Like, Tattoos, Ways to Jack Off

If you don't believe in evolution, watch yourself in the mirror next time you jerk off.
—Alex Baze


If Bath Towels Could Talk

 tags: Humor, Rob Huebel, Ways to Jack Off

"Sometimes when I'm dancing around my hotel room nude with a hairbrush in my bottom, I worry that perverts are watching me," says the inimitable Rob Huebel, who also notes:

"I hope bath towels never learn how to talk."

"Detox By Piss"

 tags: Watersports

Here's a 24-hour date scenario for a hot buddy who could use a sort of spa getaway, but extra-kinky since he's a slut for mansex.  Our buddy is a dedicated cum whore, and we thought his sex life could benefit from a change of focus, just to keep things fresh and interesting.  Our idea of a spa getaway involves a hardcore piss infusion -- a sort of "detox by piss" -- and includes our secret way to drink a man's piss in public without getting arrested, as well as a special and very meaningful finale.

This will be a sleepover date, spanning a Saturday afternoon to a Sunday afternoon.  A few days before the encounter, contact your date and reassure him that you will be his portable urinal for 24 hours, drinking every single drop of hot piss that sprays from his cock.  Then give him these simple instructions:

He is to buy a six-pack of organic lemonade in resealable bottles.  As he drinks each bottle, he is to refill it with his piss and place it in the refrigerater.  That way he will have six containers of his piss in advance of your encounter.  So when you go out on the town together, you can blatantly sip his piss in public and no one except the severely depraved will suspect that it's not lemonade.  It's important to have bottled piss on hand for whenever you can't drink directly from his cock.  During this 24-hour date, you'll drink nothing but his piss so as to be fully "pee-hydrated."  It goes without saying that your date should drink plenty of water so as to be "piss-ready" for you at all times.

He is to have a clean spray bottle handy.  When it comes time for you to worship his body with your tongue, he'll piss into the bottle and lightly spray himself with the hot liquid so that you'll taste his piss continuously as you lick him clean.

If you expect to give your ass over to your date, let him know in advance that you'll require a piss enema beforehand.  He may wish to save additional piss in the refrigerator for this purpose, so that his fresher, hot piss will be freely available for your mouth.  Or he may piss up your ass as he begins to fuck you, if he's into that kind of scene.

If you choose to suck your date's cock, be sure to have him piss down your throat first.  Ask him to hold some of his piss back so that you can gargle afterwards.  Though cum is by no means prohobited on this date, try to keep your piss infusion foremost in your mind.

When you wake up after your night together, your date will either give you a sponge bath with his piss or watch you give yourself a sponge bath with his piss.

Here's an option for piss-sex fanatics: Make sure your date has a humifidier appliance, so that you can literally breathe his atomized piss.

Grand finale: At the very end of your 24 hours, you will ask your date to watch as you yourself fill a drinking glass with piss.  You will say, "This is your piss flowing through my own cock.  I drink your piss."  Then down the entire glass in front of him.  

If there are any lemonade bottles still full of his piss, you can take them home with you with the promise of drinking them as he watches you over a video chat.  If not, your next full bladder will still be your date's piss, so you can drink that for him via video chat or save it in your own lemonade bottle as a toast in honor of your second kinky date.

Before & After #183

 tags: Before & After, Interactive

Can you tell, by their demeanors, who is the top and who is the bottom?  Here's the "before" . . . Click on the image to reveal the "after."