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What's Your Motto? #32

 tags: Tattoos

As we saw in Part 31, some studs are so dedicated to their personal mottoes that they have the words tattooed onto their naked flesh. Here are some more from our archives:

"Family first, money second, women third" (but doesn't he mean "dicks and dildos third, women fourth?"):

"Love me for who I am":

"Mise en place" (everything in its place):

"Life goes on":

"Amar sin miedo" (love fearlessly):

"Antiproiettile" (bulletproof):

"Never bite the hand that feeds":

"Life is but a vapor":

"Nothing is impossible":

"Sometimes a part of love is losing it":

If You Could Point at a Cock and Make It Ejaculate ...

 tags: Ejaculation, Polls

[We're revisiting this blog post with additional photos.]

If you could point at a man's cock and magically make it ejaculate, would you use that power responsibly or irresponsibly?

  1. I'd use my power in a medical sense, for men with erectile dysfunction

  2. I'd use my power only with the other man's consent

  3. I'd use my power irresponsibly, on any and every man I wished to either pleasure or embarrass

Which Oral Fetishists Are the Happiest?

 tags: Watersports

According to new statistics, cocksuckers whose taste for cum broadens into a thirst for piss are significantly happier than their jizz-restricted brothers in gaiety. Compared to men who don't offer their mouths as urinals for other men to piss into, pee fetishists are:

63% more optimistic about tomorrow
13% better able to handle distressing news
49% more satisfied with their life paths
88% more likely to describe their sex lives as "great" or "extraordinary"

While it's known that semen contains mood-enhancing hormones, it's still not clear how guzzling piss makes men happier than their pee-shy fellows.  Some have posited that there may be some sort of spiritual component to it, citing a paradox that appears in many world religions: "the lowest shall be the highest."  The thinking is that when a man lowers himself to the level of sewers, which is about as low as one can go, his spirit is mysteriously lifted.  Whatever is behind piss-euphoria, the statistics are promising, indeed.


See If You're Right About His Dick

 tags: Before & After, Cocks

See if you're right about the size of his dick.  Here's the "bulge . . . Click on the image to fully expose the cock.

Which of His Looks Do You Prefer?

 tags: Interactive

Which of Valentin Defarge's looks do you prefer -- natural hair and clean shaven, or silver hair and bearded? Vote below the picture.