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Taste the Rainbow

 tags: Asses, Michael Ian Black

When Skittles tells me to taste the rainbow, I assume they mean lick some hairy dude's butthole 'cause I did that and it was like candy.
—the inimitable Michael Ian Black, who always tells it like it is.

Before & After #184

 tags: Before & After, Interactive

Can you guess who will get it first? Here's the "before" . . . Click on the image to reveal the "after."

A True Yet Fantastical "Piss Fountain"

 tags: Watersports

"Piss Fountain" is an outrageous yet true anecdote about a massive arc of urine from a gigantic cock whipped out in pubic, in broad daylight:

A Kinky Sex Ritual

 tags: Romance

A kinky buddy shares a special bareback sex ritual to experience with a new and very passionate boyfriend:

Gather together three shot glasses and a clean oil-paint brush or Q-tip. Have your man piss into one, spit into the second, and ejaculate into the third. (You could suck him to the point of no return and then aim his cock into the shot glass to catch the load.) He then uses these "inks" to sign his initials three times in three places on your body ("thrice thrice," in sex magick terminology). He signs his initials in spit, then in piss, and then in cum on your anus. He signs his initials in spit, piss, and cum on your cockhead. He signs his initials in spit, piss, and cum on your tongue. You blend the final triple signature with a deep kiss, then you drink the remaining piss as he fingers the remaining cum into your ass and then rubs the remaining spit onto your cock in preparation for taking your newly restored virginity and possessing you bodily as well as spiritually.

What's Your Motto? - #16

 tags: Tattoos

As we saw in Part 15, some men are so dedicated to their personal mottoes that they have the words tattooed onto their bodies. Here are some more from our archives:

"My ancestors, I ask you to guide me. Show me how to live according to God's plan. Watch over my family and especially over my wife. Keep them free of disease and misfortune. Tell them that I live only for their happiness. My ancestors, I honor you and try to live the way you taught me.":

"Without suffering there would be no compassion":

"To thine own self be true":

"I love only liquid sex":

"Fear God":

"No man alive knows the struggles I've survived":

"Don't live your life in fear":

"Me against the world":