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If Anal Sex Had a Birthday ...

 tags: Humor

If anal sex had a birthday, I bet nobody would forget to celebrate it the way people casually forget their anniversaries.
—William Keckler, the Poet Laureate of the Gay Pornosphere

The Wolf Spirit

 tags: Music Lovers

In shamanic lore, a "spirit animal" is one's guardian/protector and guide. The wolf spirit is especially suited to gay men, as the wolf symbolizes sharp intelligence, a hunger for freedom, a powerful and trusty instinct, strong sexual cravings, and an overall passionate intensity in life. Any man who has lustily prowled the night in search of lip-smacking satisfaction was likely guided by the spirit wolf. Aroooooo!

Lovers as we are of wolfish prowlers, imagine our delight in discovering a band from Los Angeles who goes by the name of "Story of the Running Wolf." Not only are they delicious on the eyes, but their lyrics are sharply intelligent and their music is lushly passionate. They're definitely wolves in studs' clothing. We love every single track on their self-titled EP. If you can check out only one track, make it either "Stratospheric" or "Black Mask," which encapsulates the running wolf world view. But it's all excellent, 80's-infused poetic gorgeousness. We guarantee multiple ear-gasms. Let them in and let your love turn inside out.

College Football Reminds Me To ...

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Humor

Thanks college football for reminding me to put my cup on today.
—the unquestionably cup-worthy Rob Huebel 

Is Your Best Pal a Mad Gobble Giver?

 tags: Ejaculation, Here's What It Looks Like, Oral Sex

Is your best pal a mad gobble giver?
—the swallowable Iain Connell of Scotland

Prison Sex

 tags: Anal Sex, Here's What It Looks Like, Red Hot Gray Areas

In our prisons, hate and loneliness are transmuted into the gold of rape by a magical alchemy that it took our species millenia to perfect.
—William Keckler, the Poet Laureate of the Gay Pornosphere