Yesterday you voted on whether my latest oral probing was at the hands of a rubber-gloved dentist or a filthy-fingered landscaper, and I promised to share my adventure's surprising zinger.

Kudos to my buddies who voted "Both A and B." I did go to the dentist to have my pesky wisdom tooth removed, but just outside his office was a hunky lawn man whose sweaty balls needed a good draining. Now for the zinger:

As the dentist was manhandling my mouth, he asked me, "Do you know Jesús?" At first I thought he was asking me if I was a religious man. Then I realized that he could smell the cum on my breath. Even though I had fed the landscaper's sticky load back to him, I'd gone directly from the blow job into the dentist's office, so the musky scent must have still been fresh on my breath. I mumbled an answer, but it came out garbled since my mouth was stuffed full of the dentist's fingers and instruments. It didn't matter, as the dentist understood only too well. We both looked over at Jesús through the office window, languidly spraying the lawn with a big hose.

I looked through my archives for a photo that would give you some idea of what Jesús looks like. Here's a guy who comes quite close.

Luciano - Latin Jocks
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