Here are some of our favorite homoerotic moments in the terrifically entertaining Japanese series Kamen Rider OOO:

The series' hero is introduced by having him exposed in just his boxers as fourteen men look on:

Men's underwear will play an important role in the series. Here our hero peeks through a glory hole in his boxers:

Cake batter facial number one:

Cake batter facial number two:

And why not a stickier bukkake-type facial?

Deep-throating a popsicle:

Having a popsicle shoved down his throat:

A popsicle circle jerk:

That first feeling:

Someone to watch over me:

Just a couple of scantily clad dudes talking about underwear:


How about underwear "accidentally" tossed onto a man's face?

In addition to accidental underwear sharing, there's the official gifting of underwear:

Our sentiments exactly: