One of the best-kept secrets of sacred sexuality is the use of ceremonial hand gestures during masturbation. It’s as easy as adjusting the position of a finger or two during your self-ministrations. But there is one fly in the ointment: the mind-blowing results may be habit forming!

How could a ritual hand sign add sparks to your orgasm? It turns out that the 108 mudrās of Buddhism and Hinduism are an ancient form of electrical engineering. When you extend a finger, it’s like raising an antenna. When you join two fingers, you’re completing a circuit within your bioelectrical field. Add your genitals into the equation to create a "ground"—an absorber of unlimited amounts of current. Imagine your cock as a Tesla coil bursting with long, high-frequency discharges. The mudrā could be likened to the coil’s transformer.

A fun mudrā to begin with is horny both figuratively and literally. You might already know it as the "sign of the horns," a vulgar gesture in Mediterranean countries. The index and pinkie fingers are raised, and the middle and ring fingers are held down by the thumb. Note that the bent fingers create a snug little tunnel. That is, of course, where the cock goes. Keep your pinkie and index fingers extended as you rub the mudrā up, down, and all around. In ritual practice, this gesture is called Karana Mudrā, and it is used for warding off obstacles and dissipating wicked thoughts. (That’s wicked in the sense of fiendish as opposed to playfully naughty. If you’re truly a devil in the bedroom, don’t try this at home.)

Karana Mudrā

The Vajra Mudrā brings a true bang to the experience of orgasm. This "thunder mudrā” involves two hands, and it extends your cock into a royal-size antenna for receiving erotic vibes. Make a fist with your right hand. Extend your right index finger, pointing upward. Make a fist with your left hand around the right index finger. Now lower your locked hands onto your cock and pump away. Allow the energy of your orgasm to flow up through your extended index finger. It’s virtually guaranteed to rock your world.

Vajra Mudrā

Another gesture extends the genitals: the Linga Mudrā, named after the divine phallus of Hinduism. Interlace the fingers of both hands, as in prayer. Extend one thumb upward. Encircle it with the index finger and thumb of your other hand. Now cup your genitals and do your thing, keeping the thumb erect. The Linga Mudrā is traditionally used to strengthen the body’s immune system, and when applied to the genitals it’s good for sexual stamina.

Linga Mudrā

Speaking of stamina, the Prana Mudrā is perfect for frequent masturbators who feel depleted and could use a boost of sexual energy. Extend the index and middle fingers into a "peace" sign. Touch the tips of the thumb, pinkie, and ring fingers. The touching fingers create an opening, perfect for encircling or sliding up and down the shaft of the cock. Keep the extended fingers rigid during the masturbatory session. They’ll act like a tuning fork to make your orgasm pitch perfect.

Prana Mudrā

Frequent flashers of the middle finger will likely flip over the Mantangi Mudrā. This gesture gives your genitals the trunk of an elephant. Clasp your hands as in prayer, fingers intertwined. Then extend both middle fingers, pointed away from your body. Note that your index fingers and thumbs naturally form a hole. Use this hole to encircle or envelop your genitals. Keep your middle fingers rigidly extended throughout your sex act to experience an energetic "fuck you."

Mantangi Mudrā

The Jnana Mudrā is reminiscent of the "okay" sign. Join the tips of the thumb and index fingers to form a circle. Relax the remaining fingers. Hold your hand so your palm faces the general direction of your heart. This mudrā is traditionally used for fostering knowledge, so why not foster applied body chemistry? If the diameter of your cock is smaller than the finger circle, rotate the circle around the shaft like a hula hoop. If the circle is a snug fit, run it up and down the shaft. If the fit is too snug to maintain thumb and index finger contact, stimulate as much of the penis tip as possible without breaking the circle. A somewhat similar gesture is the Vitarka Mudrā, traditionally used to foster the discussion and transmission of spiritual teachings. The tips of the thumb and index fingers form a circle, but the remaining fingers are extended rather than relaxed. Keep the fingers rigid throughout the masturbatory session. Applying this gesture is like having a private tutor for the study of human sexuality.

Vitarka Mudrā

Nipple pinchers may enjoy putting three different mudrās to use. With the Akash Mudrā, only the middle finger and thumb touch, while all other fingers extend. Use a tit as a junction point between the middle finger and thumb. Traditionally used for centering and nourishing the body, the Akash Mudrā is a terrific nipple stimulator. A similar gesture, the Apana Mudrā, adds another finger into the action. Join the tips of the thumb, middle, and ring fingers. Extend the pinkie and index fingers. Now three fingers can pinch a nipple, with a grounding effect. But keep those pinkie and index fingers rigid throughout. Another three-finger pincer is the Kubera Mudrā. Join the tips of the thumb, index, and middle fingers. Fold and tuck the ring finger and pinkie into the palm. The Kubera Mudrā is traditionally used to foster the attainment of one’s goals. If you have a Midas touch, these mudrās will make your fortune.

Akash Mudrā

Apana Mudrā

Kubera Mudrā

There are several books and websites dedicated to mudrās, so it’s easy to continue your education. But these initial tips should keep your hands full for a good, enjoyable while. (Fingers crossed.)