We heard from a buddy named Ben, who has been jacking off to our galleries for years now and who felt inspired to experience mansex with every type of man: from skinny to muscular, smooth to hairy, bearded to shaved, bald to long-haired, and so on.  Ben shares his discoveries, several of which surprised him:

  • Musclemen are actually the tenderest of lovers.  The bigger the muscles, the sweeter the stud.  Sure, he's strong enough to hold you in any sort of position during fucking, but he'll take good care of you along the way.  Not all musclemen are compensating for small penises — often the dick simply looks smaller in the context of the bulky body.
  • Skinny, lithesome dudes have the fastest thrusts during fucking.  They can go like jackhammers for hours, never tiring.  Skinny guys' penises tend to look bigger because they have no fatty tissue around their pubic bones.
  • Hairy-chested men are sexy and they know it, which means they are extra passionate during mansex.  Men who clip or shave their chests always seem to be holding something back during mansex, as if they're afraid to be their naturally masculine selves.
  • Bearded men boldly display their masculinity for the world to see, and that masculinity comes out even more boldly in bed.  Pay a lot of attention to the man's beard during your session — fondle it, lick it, tug it — and you'll be richly rewarded.
  • Men sporting mustaches but not beards are interesting to say the least.  Expect the unexpected, and be sure a third party knows where you're going and what time you expect to return, just in case anything overly weird happens.
  • The youngest men are problematical.  They're great to suck off, and you should definitely spend a lot of time worshiping their bodies, but don't bother with anal sex — they're too inexperienced to top or bottom satisfactorily.
  • Long-haired men tend to be sensitive, creative types, so begin with gentle foreplay as opposed to slapping them around.  Once you start riding them hot and heavy, feel free to tug on their pony tails.
  • Bald men are no-nonsense lovers and get right down to business.  They're also willing to experiment and explore the kinkier side of mansex.  Take along ropes, handcuffs, and your weirdest dildos.
  • Vegetarian men have the best-tasting cum ... especially when they're also non-smokers.  You can ask a vegetarian man if he wants you to shove a carrot or cucumber up his ass, but more than half the time he won't find that funny.

Thanks, Ben!  Other long-time jackers to our galleries are also free to share their own mansex experiences.