Tips for Shooting Off into the Sky:
Mansex in a Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloons are a lot like cocks.  Both rise with heat.  Both are often seen at festivals and clubs.  Both help to develop camaraderie.  People travel hundreds of miles for the joy of spending several hours riding one.  Hot air balloons are also like cocks in that you never know where the adventure is taking you, and you can only control the up-and-down movement. 

When committing rampant acts of mansex in a hot air balloon, subtlety is the key.  To keep the basket (i.e., the balloon's basket) from swaying sharply, you and your fuck buddy must keep your thrusts nice and slow.  Even reaching into a pocket for a cumrag can make the basket shake, so double your rag as a gag and stuff it in your man's mouth as your balloon and cocks attain elevation. 

Remember that higher altitudes come with lower temperatures, even in summertime, so dress to prevent penile shrinkage.

Though hot air balloons are famously smooth, expect bumps as your ride ends and you touch down.  If you're still fucking as your balloon lands, the top man should pull out for safety's sake.  Your balloon pilot will ask you to bend your knees as you land.  If you can time your orgasm to the touchdown, more power to you.  However, we really do recommend shooting off into the sky.  Note that the walls of the gondola will rise higher than your crotch, so only geyser-shooters will be able to aim their sperm into the upper atmosphere.

Hot air balloon gondolas vary in size and can accommodate anything from a threeway (a pilot plus you and your fuck buddy) to a 20-man orgy.