What color is semen? White, certainly ... and yet white reflects all hues. If it's true that "Sex is the light that streams from the body" (Jalaja Bonheim, Aphrodite's Daughters), then no wonder erotica writers have described cum in a rainbow of colors. Here are some of my favorite colorful terms from my dictionary of "semenyms," along with several new tints I uncovered just for you:

  • beige - "Two tiny vials containing that mucus-y beige sperm." —Louise Sloane, Knock Yourself Up
  • black - "His cock jerked and spurted. Again and it again it spurted black cum up into Pete’s ravaged asshole." —Jay Alpert, Stick it In!
  • blue - "Blue sperm / over his eyelids." —Jerome Rothenberg, "War," New Selected Poems, 1970-1985
  • brown - "Brown love and brown orgasm will endure." —Andre Guerrero, Hojas: A Chicano Journal of Education
  • crimson - "Crimson semen is left behind." —John Kenneth Muir, Horror Films of the 1980s
  • fuchsia - "Fuchsia sperm / On the bedsheets of the Andes sky." —John Brandi, Diary from a Journey to the Middle of the World
  • green - "Swollen cocks leaking foul greenish slime." —P.Z. Brite, Drawing Blood
  • grey - "Large greyish blotches bore witness to our excesses of that afternoon." —Janus Znaiu
  • indigo - "Rainbows chase sunny days / to passionate / indigo orgasm / over eyelids and bowed heads." —Maureen Maisha Eggers, Mythen, Masken und Subjekte
  • ivory - "Long ropes of ivory squirted from his bobbing cock, falling on my chest and splashing my neck." —Tom Caffrey
  • jade - "Jade sperm and gold fluid." —Guangting Du, Divine Traces of the Daoist Sisterhood
  • lavender - "Red flesh, white flesh, and lavender sperm." —Ashur Etwebi, “Fish Portrait”
  • magenta - "Johnny painted funny little proto-PopArt scenes—one was a magenta sperm." —Frederik Pohl, The Way the Future Was
  • mauve - "'I wouldn't let the luminous sperm concern you overmuch,' he smiled, shaking a test-tube of mauve spunk and holding it to the light." —Russell Lucas, Lip Service
  • orange - "His vision whirled with giant orange sperm." —Elwood Reid, D.B.: A Novel
  • pink - "Rogi rolled up the rag rug with its fluorescent pink cum-stain." —Julian May, Magnificat
  • purple - "She'd never known you could have a purple orgasm." —Ramona Stewart, Seasons of the Heart
  • red - "Purple and crimson as red sperm, it splattered the white Sundays with red." —Fernando del Paso, Palinuro of Mexico
  • silver - "Oozing a steady, occasionally spurting silver streamer." —Peter Pepper, Hard Driver
  • ultramarine azure - "Veins of lapis lazuli in ultramarine azure orgasm." —Davis Schneiderman, DIS or the Shadow of the Dome of Pleasure
  • violet - "Violet sperm jet straight in the face, from a hydrant of mountain-genitals." —Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, The Witkiewicz Reader
  • white - "A big drop of white appeared in his slit, quivering like hot jelly." —Grant Foster
  • yellow - "Charles suddenly moaned and a thick stream of yellowish semen spurted from his penis." —Osman Khareef, The Legacy of Carpocrates

Indeed, semen has been described in a rainbow of colors, and sometimes one ejaculation is an entire rainbow in itself:

rainbow - "You would have shot me with your rainbow cum right in my eye." —Daniel Curzon, The Revolt of the Perverts

What do we find at the end of the rainbow? Why, a pot of gold, of course!

gold - "To ravish in a rain of gold— / sperm swimming down / in coins, thin as gold-leaf." —Joanne De Longchamps, "Talking to Zeus," Torn by Light

Yet, for those rare massive eruptions—those true forces of nature—a rainbow may not be enough. We've got your covered: the Northern Lights!

Northern Lights - "Try the Rainbow Special—all colors in one—and squirt Niagara Falls, Pikes Peak, souvenir postcards, rainbows, and Northern Lights." —William Burroughs, Cities of the Red Night