Can you tell the difference between a man and a bear? Here are ten lines from books that are referring either to a man or a wild animal. Which is which?

  1. The bear came a second time.
  2. The huge bear was smothering me in his furry chest.
  3. Then the bear hugged the young man, pressed his mouth against the young man's lips.
  4. It was larger than any bear that had come before.
  5. The bear held the man tighter. ... They were heartbeat to heartbeat, bodies blaring at each other through skin and fur.
  6. The bear then ran into the dance house.
  7. The Bear hugged him so hard he almost crushed him.
  8. The hole ... [was] sufficiently large for the reception of the bear.
  9. I waited at the bear's hole till my legs were as stiff as bean poles: howsomever he came at last.
  10. When the bear came out in the spring the first thing he thought about was the man.


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  3. ANIMAL (but it is a Native American spirit animal). From The Girl Who Helped Thunder and Other Native American Folktales by James Bruchac, 2008
  4. ANIMAL. From Traditions of the Skidi Pawnee by George Amos Dorsey, 1904.
  5. ANIMAL. From Temporary Sanity by Thomas Glynn, 1976.
  6. MAN (but in a bear costume, so either answer gets credit). From Giving Voice to Bear by David Rockwell, 2003.
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  8. ANIMAL. From History of the City of Columbus by Alfred Emory Lee, 1892.
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