It's been said that a man doesn't truly experience a sexual awakening until he has experienced anal, penile, and tit orgasms simultaneously.  There's an easy way to do this, but it involves tricking your body so that each of the three orgasms automatically triggers at the same time.  If one area gets stimulated faster than another, it's difficult to bring all three off simultaneously, and when you feel one coming on and start worrying that the others haven't reached the point of no return, the entire experience can be ruined.

Use our techniques for turning any casual party into an orgy (posted here) so that you'll have one man up your ass, one man sucking your dick, and one man working your tits. (We don't recommend adding a fourth man and sucking his cock yourself, as that will ultimately prove distracting.  If you absolutely need some oral stimulation, your tit man can keep his tongue in your mouth throughout.)  For your ass master, choose a drummer or someone who otherwise has an excellent sense of rhythm, because he will be the bandleader for the other two men handling your body.  The rhythm of his thrusts will dictate how your dick gets sucked and how your tits get pinched.  Instruct the other men to suck and pinch in time with each slam of your fuckhole.  They will feel each hit of the ass fucker's cock when it pounds as far as it can go, because your whole body will twitch from the concussions.  Each time your cock sucker feels that slam, he is to take your cockhead into his throat.  Each time your tit master feels that slam, he is to pinch both of your tits simultaneously.  (And if you have him kissing you throughout, he should push his tongue deeper into your mouth with the established rhythm.)  Working this way, your anal, penile, and titular orgasms will build at the same rate, and when one goes off the others will trigger in response, like a row of dominoes falling together.  Your own job is not to focus on any one area of stimulation but rather feel all of it holistically.  Don't focus on your ass master feeling your anal orgasm rock his cock, or on ejaculating in your hungry sucker's mouth, or on rewarding your chest handler with the tit orgasm he's been building.  Instead, feel all of it at once as it grows toward a single, full-body orgasm.  This is really the only way to guarantee experiencing all three orgasms simultaneously and enjoying your true sexual awakening.

A sling is convenient for a three-orgasms session.  Here you can see how there's room for a cocksucker to lean down and complete the required elements:

If an orgy is not possible, a single man can handle all three duties, as in the following photo (though the top man has not yet reached his right hand to work the second tit simultaneously):

Similarly, one man can finger your ass, suck your cock, and work your tits simultaneously, though he'll need to spread the fingers of his tit hand and work one tit with his thumb and the other with his pinkie.  This photo shows everything except the proper spread of the tit fingers:

A threeway variation: if your ass is erotically sensitive enough, and/or if you are maintaining anal virginity, you can be rimmed into an anal orgasm instead of fucked, while another man sucks your cock and reaches up to work your tits.  Have music in the background with a heavy beat, preferably from the EBM genre, to dictate the pace since there will be no anal pounding to set the rhythm.  A fourth man can take over the tit duties and kiss you as well, if preferred.  In this photo of the fourway variation, only one tit is being worked, which is incorrect (and further proves how poorly educated gay men are in the art of multiple orgasms):