We hear a lot about setting "realistic goals" (to fuck a little more, to have a little more time for private masturbation, to travel to exotic nude resorts or gay pride festivals, to try one new fetish outside of one's comfort zone).  But do not make your sexual goals for the year too easy.  That will not arouse the proper spirit of adventure.  A man wants to tackle something difficult.  Always raise your sexual goals after they have been reached—each year's goals should be a little higher.  As your erotic experience grows, you'll be able to accomplish more.  Make your goals grow with your sex life, as you come closer and closer to experiencing unconditional happiness.  On the other hand, don't try to do everything in one year.  Leave something for the future—all of it cannot be done at once (though it can be wildly fun to learn that for yourself).

The greatest secret to fulfilling sexual goals is to envision them explicitly, write them down, and place them prominently in front of you, perhaps on a mirror or a refrigerator door, where you can look at them over and over again until they become a part of you.  Be committed, and determine what actions are necessary to turn your goals into realities without breaking any local laws.

If you experience any trouble focusing your sexual goals into a specific list, brainstorm with gay friends or acquaintances.  Ask them: "If there were three critical sexual experiences I should pursue this year, what would they be?"

If we do not set sexual goals and live each day to reach those goals, we'll reach old age and look back only to see that we've attained but a small part of our full sexual potential.