• Four hands
  • Two cocks
  • One cumrag
Erotic Rock-Paper-Scissors is a game for two guys, each with a hand on his cock and the other hand in play. Stand facing your j/o buddy at arm's length, pants down, cocks in the ready position. Each round begins with a count of three and the simultaneous display of a hand gesture: Rock (a fist), Scissors (two fingers extended), or Paper (flattened hand). Here's how the rounds (and the cocks) score:

Rock crushes Scissors, so the winner of the round uses his fist to give the loser a playful Tarzan-like beating on the pecs.

Scissors cut Paper, so the winner of the round uses his scissors as pincers, pinching the loser anywhere the winner wants.

Paper covers Rock, so the winner of the round uses his open palm to give the loser a good slap on the ass. If the loser feels especially ashamed of his loss, the winner can give him a second spanking.

In cases of ties, the players go into a serious jerk-off session. Here's how the ties play out:

Rock tying Rock means the guys extend their fists and pump on each other's cocks for as long as they wish.

Scissors tying Scissors means the guys pinch each other's tits as they stroke off.

Paper tying Paper means the guys happy-slap one another's asses as they jack.

Any tie can lead to orgasm. The players should always strive to shoot off simultaneously. Simple questions such as, "I'm getting close—how close are you?" will enable both guys to time their ejaculations down to the millisecond.

Though it could be said that every time a man has an orgasm he's a "winner," the player who wins the most rounds gets to keep the cum rag.

It's not dishonorable to hone your erotic Rock-Paper-Scissors skill online: