Is it truly possible for just one man to alter the sex statistics for 7 billion people?  The long and short of it is: yes.  People are set in their ways -- you know from your own experiences that most everybody operates out of habit and routine -- and that's your opening for making a real difference by taking your own comfort zone and expanding its horizons.  Don't be daunted by the fact that the nation of Japan holds every record for jerking off due to the fact that Japanese men are perpetually horny compulsive masturbators.  The solution is simple: make every single thing you do a sex act, so as to blow all other statistics out of the water.  For example:

At the bar:

If you're actually not a drinker, all the better because you can order a "virgin" (non-alcoholic) version of a drink and then take its virginity as you perform orally upon it.  Remember that your brain is your biggest sex organ, so things are only as nasty as you think them.  If you do imbibe alcohol, be sure to order only mixed drinks with the sexiest names, like "Screaming Orgasm," "Wallbanger," "Sex on the Beach," "Red-Headed Slut," "Full Monty," or "Ménage à Trois."  Always stealthy touch yourself while taking each sip.  When you finish, a satisfied exclamation of "Fuck!" is appropriate.

While in the toilet:

When you're doing something as ordinary as taking a piss, mutter to the toilet, "Guzzle that piss, you fucking toilet.  You like that, don't you?"  Stroke your shaft a bit while you do it.  And voila, you've transformed a mundane act of relieving yourself into kinky men's room action.

Between meals:

If you develop a taste for lollipops, your every go at the sucker is a practice session for oral sex.  Take your lollipops with you to enjoy them in public and remind everyone around you about cocksucking.  For the health conscious, there are organic and sugar-free suckers on the market, but we follow the philosophy of John Waters (known as "The People's Pervert"): feel guilty about it and it'll be that much hotter.

While washing hands:

As you squirt out some pearly hand soap from a dispenser, mutter, "Shoot that load."

In bed:

Sleep snuggled against one of those great big body pillows so as to foster wet dreams.

During alone time:

A man is never truly alone if his dick is hanging out.  When you're by yourself, for goodness' sake let your cock breathe.  The rule of thumb is to keep one hand on your cock at all times, so practice using the computer one-handed.  You do not have to have an erection for your self-fondling to count as masturbation.  There's no one right or wrong state of arousal, since the penis has its own cycles of excitement and restfulness.  A lot of guys enjoy fondling their balls while their cocks relax, and that counts as masturbation, too.

When you can't touch yourself:

Just because you can't touch yourself in certain public situations doesn't mean that you can't be wearing a vibrating butt plug.  They come in all sizes, and many have an easy to insert tip, like this silicone one

Every sex act that you incorporate into your daily life affects the world statistics.  When you perform sex acts by the hour, by the day, by the week ... you start making a real difference.  Even just one person can profoundly alter the erotic landscape, and that one person can be you, starting this very moment.  Is that cock out?  Let's do this -- together.