Who says sex burns only 85 calories a session? If you can't skip your workout after sex, you're doing something wrong!

A buddy shares... "I read an interview with Tom Chase in which he said he wanted to do this scene, first, because he thinks of Michael Branson as a friend, and second, to show that real men—even big top guys like him—take it up the ass, too."

Another buddy shares... "This is one of the HOTTEST dammed scenes of two men I've ever enjoyed. The start with just two buddies in bed, talking about it, leading up to striping down, hot sucking (had no idea Tom Chase could open so wide!) then to seduction and 'gentle' invasion... hearing Topman Tom moaning as every thick inch of Mike Branson is plowing into him... the whole setup is awesome. I ran a tape out running this part over and over again LOL. Is there an Editors extended version? Thanks, I think I'll buy the DVD now. WOOF!"