His favorite form of relaxation is blow-jobs.  His favorite use of the computer is to access porn.  In the chorus of one of his most popular songs, he sings that "Girlfriends never could be mine."  What's not to love about the impossibly sexy Steve Naghavi, the Persian-born lead singer of the German band And One?  The band has a new album, Tanzomat.  Their music videos are fantastic, though the low-res uploads on YouTube make it hard to see all of Steve's stunning features.  We recommend the band's DVD, which contains music videos as well as four concerts.  The DVD isn't so easy to find (try searching for "And One" on Google, and those extremely common words will deliver zillions of false hits).  We found our own copy from the German mailorder shop Out of Line.  (Note that the DVD is region-free but PAL format.)  Below are some frames from the music videos that turn us on.

Steve Naghavi of And One