Parker and Rod by CruiserBoys
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On a first date, playing footsie under the dinner table is not only acceptable but recommended. If your man is wearing sandals, don't hesitate to "scissor" your toes with his (sliding your big toe over his big toe and your index toe under his foot).

Even if you're usually clean-cut, don't shave on the morning of your date. The tactility of beard stubble will add to your man's pleasure when you nestle your face against his chest, under his arms, and between his thighs.

As you pull your man’s shirt over his head, take a deliberate, leisurely sniff of one of his armpits. (It is appropriate to make a subtle yet audible purr of approval and contentment.) Leaving him wanting more—save full tongue baths for the second date.

What should you whisper into your man's ear as you make out? Forget sweet nothings and whisper dirty somethings! Whisper that he smells fucking gorgeous, like a luscious mango worthy of sucking dry. Whisper that he feels hard like a man in a dream. Whisper all your nastiest sperm terms.