A frequent visitor wrote in with details of his most recent date, asking if we could diagnose why he didn't shoot his cum as powerfully as usual. Right away, we spotted a crucial step the guy skipped. See if you can spot it, too.

Here's what the guy said:

I brought back to my place a more experienced man (20 years old, I think). We made a beeline for the bathroom, planning to shower before we fucked.

I unbuttoned his shirt as we kissed. His mouth tasted good.  My fingertips let him know I appreciated his furry chest. He pulled off my t-shirt and dropped to his knees.  His tongue went right to my treasure trail, which I loved.

He unfastened my jeans, and my hardon popped out and slapped him in the face. This is something I've always wanted to happen -- it was a dream come true for me.

He licked the precum off my cock slit and stood up to snowball it with me. He kissed me deeply, and I liked feeling his chin stubble scratch against mine.

He dropped his own pants, and like me he wasn't wearing any underwear. I reached for his hairy balls and gently pulled him toward the shower.

As we waited for the water to heat up, we kept kissing, and I played with his tits and chest fur some more.  Our hardons were touching and his felt really warm against mine.

The hot water got us even hornier, and I think we both sensed that we would have to cum before we finished showering. He fucked my face like a wild man.  Though he came quickly, I had no complaints.  He was very vocal as he orgasmed -- I always find that hot.

Savoring his cum in my mouth, I humped his hand until I shot off. Though I usually spurt my jizz, it just dribbled out, and I felt humiliated.

Finally, we took turns drinking each other's piss, and my date toweled off, got dressed, gave me a goodbye kiss, and headed out.

What important step did our frequent visitor leave out?  We suggest that after he took off his date's shirt, he should have seized an opportunity to deeply inhale pheromones and thereby jump-start his body's deepest animal nature.  Here's our favorite way to do it: sniff your date's left armpit, filling your lungs with the manscent.  Hold the pheromones in your lungs for three seconds, then exhale through your mouth onto your date's left tit (for his pleasure).  Repeat the process with your date's right armpit.  If your date seems turned on by your worship of his scent, thoroughly lick his left armpit to further activate his natural fragrance, sniff again, and repeat with the right armpit.  But you're not quite finished with the pheromones, because you should also lift up your date's testicles and take a deep whiff of the pheromones between his ballsac and anus.  While there are no guarantees about how hard you'll shoot your jizz during any one ejaculation, getting high on pheromones will have your juices flowing at their fullest potential.

If you'd like us to analyze the details of your own latest date with a guy, don't hesitate to share.  :-)