If you wipe up your sticky mess and toss the cum rag aside, consider trying this the next time you jack off: keep your cum rag near you after you sop up your sauce. I'll note several reasons why:

1. A used cum rag is an aromatherapy horniness-booster during a j/o session. Try sniffing your used cum rag before blowing a fresh load and see if it makes your orgasm more intense.

2. A used cum rag next to your pillow will be handy if you wake up from a sex dream and want to finish off.

3. If you jack off in bed before going to sleep, keeping your cum rag in bed with you will help you to smell man-scent all night—the pheromones will keep you horny and will encourage orgasms in your sleep (wet dreams).

4. It's more environmentally friendly to use a single cum rag several times than to throw away sperm-soaked tissues.

Some guys keep their cum rags with them not only in bed but on their person as they go through their daily life. Why? According to tribal lore, a man's cum is a physical manifestation of his spirit. So carrying a sample of your sperm with you at all times is like a good luck charm for potency. Plus, having your cum on your person will subtly add to the scent of your masculine musk. And you're free to jack off at a moment's notice, as your sexual needs dictate, with no fear of leaving a conspicuous stain.