Sunglasses from MetrosexualityWhere do you hang your sunglasses when you're not wearing them? People's eyes are drawn to your sunglasses. If you push them above your forehead you highlight your face. If you hook them on your collar you attract attention to your chest. But if you hang them at your crotch-level, you'll make a more powerful sexual impression. Famed designer Jean-Pierre Barda (the singer from the band Army of Lovers) suggests hanging your sunglasses in front of your crotch, between the button or clasp and the top of the zipper. "They will be steadier here when hugging someone. This option is more common for men. Where the eyes are drawn is obvious … so think before where you put your sunglasses and what you signal."

In unrelated news, this map depicts New York City as a giant cock and balls, and we've been studying it carefully as it "pricks" our interest.