You've heard of "art exhibitions," but these guys are "art exhibitionists"!  Here's our ever-growing collection of art that stars back at guys having hot gay sex.

First off, do we detect a smile on the inscrutable face of Buddha while a 3-way massage heats up into bareback fucking?

Some art seems shy and likes to peep from around a corner:

Other art is sporty and strives for a nice voyeuristic vista:

There's such a thing as "fag hag art," apparently:

Some art is practically leaping off the walls to join in on the action:

This photo reminds me that all artwork in your house should stare lasciviously at your dick.

Here's another example, in which the lecherous artwork is hiding behind a plant, just waiting for a glimpse of Jake's family jewels:

Stripping before a painted donkey doesn't make you a jackass.

This voyeuristic artwork is patiently waiting for Dixon to strip for his bath.

Some artwork is into kinky bondage:

And some artwork is into threesomes:

If you have two painted hounds looking at you, does that mean you like to do it doggy style?

The most voyeuristic artwork depicts lots and lots of eyes:

If you don't want your artwork to ogle you, be sure to get a portrait with his back turned:

Meanwhile, Buddha is still checking out some ass:

And here's a painting that films the horny action it watches:

There's no difference between art and pornography, according to sexual historian Camille Paglia.  All evidence suggests that she's correct!