This story celebrates a cruising couple's first foursome. We made it extra gay, as usual.

ReM/Mixed Erotica: An Eye for Aesthetics
Authorized reM/Mix by Confidant of "An Eye for Aesthetics” by Jeremy Edwards.
The original M/F/M/F story appears in Desire Presents Swinging, Vol. 4 No. 2
© 2011 Jeremy Edwards. All rights reserved.

He’d never even fantasized about a foursome, let alone contemplated it seriously. He’d never fantasized about a threesome, for that matter. Collin had healthy carnal appetites and a vivid sexual imagination, but his creativity generally ran to exotic one-on-one vignettes.

But the two characters hogging the cruise ship’s billiard table were so aesthetic to Collin. And all he could think about since first setting eyes on them was what it might be like for them to come to bed in his cabin—the small but serviceable cabin in which he and his hubby had been fucking every night since they’d embarked. As an antiques dealer, Collin knew that anything that appealed to his finely tuned sense of aesthetics was guaranteed to excite him.

Taken separately, he might have logged the brunet for fantasy time with his vibrating dildo, or appreciated the blond in a detached way. But taken as a unit, they beckoned him to an adventure that was, without exaggeration, beyond anything he’d dreamed of.

The blond was exquisite to the point of being alluring—and up until now Collin hadn’t even thought he liked young dandy types. With a delicate nose and full, sensual lips, the man’s face appeared at once impassioned and ethereal. His medium-blond hair frizzed down from a perfect white hat—straw with a black band—and his every gesture emphasized his elegance. Collin admired the bold line of the man’s hip, the fleshiness of his legs, and the creamy texture of his complexion. But most of all Collin admired the man’s inherent grace. Poised with his pool cue, this art-quality beauty looked restless, a bundle of sexy energy in a dashing blue-striped ensemble. He seemed indifferent toward the game—they both did—and Collin could easily have believed the blond’s real mission here was not to shoot pool, but to be photographed for some classy magazine. And yet there was no photographer in sight.

As for the brunet . . . well, everything about him reminded Collin why he liked men—at least a certain type of man. The beanpole legs in ocean-blue jeans. The angular jaw balanced against soft eyes. The shagginess of the chestnut-brown hair, counterpoised with the nerdy neatness of the button-down collar. He seemed confident but not cocky, patient yet animated. Collin couldn’t hear the things he was saying to his lover, but they made the man laugh—and occasionally blush—and the tableau made Collin precum in his tight little shorts. There was no denying it: he wanted them.

It was a big ship, and one didn’t necessarily run across the same people very often. Fortunately, he had more than half the vacation week left to do "show and tell” with Doug and, if he could be won over to the scenario, make some advances. Collin felt the heat rising to his face as he realized how brazenly he was plotting this unprecedented seduction.

That night, when Doug was completely on top of him, as close as possible to every bit of him and touching every place he could reach, Collin’s mind raced with images of the stranger couple. He imagined the blond bent over the billiard table, with his shorts loosened so his guy could play with his handsome cock. He saw the eyes of the skinny brunet glowing, and the rod in his jeans thickening. Far from distracting Collin from the layered pleasure of Doug’s cock in his hole, his fingers on Doug’s ass, and his breath on Doug’s throat, these images enriched the experience dramatically. And when Doug twiddled Collin’s raging hardon and released his warmth inside him, Collin rattled the billiard table in his mind with his cabin-shaking scream.

* * *

Doug touched Collin’s hand as they sat on deck with their coffees. "That was fucking hot last night,” he purred. "You were fucking hot.”

Collin shifted in his seat, enjoying the way his speedo clung to him as he did so. "Doug,” he said with a vacation-time ease that had a current of thrill beneath it, "you know what would be really super-hot?”

The light in Doug’s pupils intensified by a few extra degrees. "What?”

"If sometime, just once maybe, we could . . . play . . . with another couple.” It didn’t surprise him that he could come right out with it. He could tell Doug anything, however shocking or out of the

Doug’s look became serious. "Huh? I—I don’t know, baby. I’m not sure I . . . I mean I never . . . ” He squeezed Collin’s arm, tenderly. "Is this something you’ve been wanting?” He was always very earnest where his man’s happiness was concerned.

"I didn’t,” Collin explained. "Not before. But then I saw—” He halted in mid-sentence, his eye caught by two figures at the other end of the deck. "Look!” he whispered with vigor, pointing them out.

Doug turned his head discreetly, and noncommittally, to get a glimpse. Then he turned back, relaxing into one of those crinkly smiles that Collin adored. He took another quick glance. "Them?” He uttered the word as if it were a sliver of silk.

Collin nodded.

"Interesting, baby. Interesting.”

But just as hubby and hubby arrived at their coffee-cup understanding, the other couple vanished. And the days that followed saw Collin keyed up, nervous, and in a perpetual state of semiarousal. He felt as if he and Doug were on a treasure hunt, constantly wondering if the aesthetic couple would appear around the next corner, materialize at the next table, or emerge through the next doorway.

In the cabin, it took little to push Collin over the edge into dripping, desperate horniness, and Doug fucked him and sucked him so many times that his sex-addled brain couldn’t keep count.

"Even if we never see them again, they’ve done us a big favor,” Doug said hoarsely as he scraped his cock rambunctiously in and out of Collin’s slick hole on Thursday night. This direct allusion to the couple they wanted to fuck went straight to Collin’s erotic center. He ground himself wildly against his mate as yet another electric orgasm ripped through his libido-charged body.

Doug spoke casually while sitting on the cabin’s only chair to put his socks back on. "You know, I bet the reason we haven’t seen them is that they’ve been busy screwing each other’s asses off, too.”

That did it for Collin—did it again. Propped against the headboard, he raised his hips and jacked himself furiously, with Doug watching gleefully. He envisioned the blond man straddling the long-legged guy somewhere on this ship, his thin fingers clutching the hairy fur and his blond hairy balls teasing the man’s hard-on. Within seconds, Collin’s head was cocked backward into the pillows, his mouth open in the sugary throes of self-induced climax.

* * *

"Doug!” He knew he didn’t have to say more. At this point—Friday at 8:00 p.m.—a request to cast his attention in the direction indicated by his eyes could mean only one thing.

The alluring couple were at the bar, at the far end of the enclosed top-deck lounge that Collin and Doug had chosen to begin their evening. They’d been hitting at least two of the ship’s plethora of lounges and clubs each night, to maximize their chances of crossing paths with their quarry. And with the ship docking at Southampton the next day, they’d known tonight was their last opportunity. The other couple had evidently slipped in quietly while Doug and Collin had been gazing out at the night sky, holding hands and hoping.

"Now or never, sexy-arse,” Collin’s hubby coaxed him; but he had risen from his seat even before he said it. And Doug was so perceptive: Collin did feel like a "sexy-arse.” His butt was erogenously warm, and its roundness felt pleasantly exposed in the form-fitting white slacks he’d selected for the evening. The sexy clothing made him bolder.

The blond wore a sapphire cocktail suit that accentuated his elegant proportions. He was wearing the slightest touch of makeup, just enough to make the brightness of his eyes stand out from the serenity of his skin.

The brunet was, as always, in sport jacket and jeans. His hair was still wet from swimming or showering, and Collin relished the way the stray, waterlogged locks kissed his dimples.

As Collin moved, with attempted casualness, toward the bar, he registered a businesslike pat on his bottom. "Wait for me,” said Doug as he joined him.

It was only when the blond smiled neutrally at Collin that he realized he had no idea what he was going to say. He’d had days to strategize, but he’d spent them fantasizing and fucking instead—not that he regretted it.

He was now practically at the bar; the bartender, busy at the other end of his territory, gave him a nod that meant he’d have to wait a minute.

"Hi,” Collin said to the blond. "I love your suit.” It wasn’t the most original thing he’d ever said, but it was something.

"Aw! Thank you,” the man responded graciously. "My name’s Dan. Enjoying the cruise?”

Collin ached to tell him how fucking much he was enjoying the cruise, with his sex drive off the charts thanks to thoughts of Dan and his man. "Very much. You?”

"Oh, yes.”

Oh, yes, I’ll bet you are, thought Collin, with Mr. Leanjeans up your fuckhole umpteen times a day.

He took a deep breath. Conversation with strangers normally came easily to him. But this was not a normal situation. Still, with time of the essence and his desire primed to a lather, he decided the best approach was to plunge in—to be outrageously direct. It’s now or never, sexy-arse, he told himself.

"This is my hubby,” he began, taking Doug’s hand. "Doug. And I’m Collin. And—well—we’ve actually been wondering if the two of you might like to go to bed with us.”

Dan’s complexion went grapefruit pink, and he exchanged looks with his man. "Oh, no, sweetie,” he said sympathetically to Collin, his voice trembling a bit. "We don’t usually do that.”

Amid the wave of disappointment, that curious word usually lodged somewhere in Collin’s head.

"Sorry,” said the brunet, in a satin-smooth baritone. "Better ask someone else.” He flashed a charming half-smile, adding his sympathy to his partner’s.

"No, there’s no one else,” Collin blurted. "We’ve never done this before.” He grinned wistfully. "Maybe we never will. We wanted you two in particular.” He clasped Doug’s hand more tightly, and turned to go.

"Really?” It was Dan’s voice that stopped Collin in his tracks. When he spun around, the man’s gaze met his.

"Why don’t we all have a drink together?” Dan suggested. He inclined his head toward a booth in a corner of the lounge. "Okay, Terence?” he said to his companion. Terence scooped up his glass.

He said "usually,” Collin chanted in his head as the four of them relocated.

* * *

Back in the cabin, it surprised Collin that Dan kissed Doug first, thus inaugurating the events Collin had been longing for. But he reminded himself that it was he and Doug who were the newbies, even though they’d been the initiators.

"Thank you for asking us,” said Dan sweetly, his eyes sparkling at Collin while he stroked Doug’s chest.

"May I?” asked Terence. Collin received his minty and hungry kiss.

Dan pulled his clothes off and threw them to the floor. He was, it turned out, naked beneath his suit; his tits stood out like candy, and his statuesque ass looked ripe for some playful slaps.

"And here we go,” Dan said, in a small voice that nonetheless sizzled. As he unzipped Doug’s chinos, Terence pressed his erection-fronted denims into the rear seam of Collin’s slacks.

Collin glanced down and saw narrow, masculine fingers reaching around to undo his button and zipper. Just as Dan slid to his knees, Collin felt his briefs sliding, with Terence’s help, past his thighs.

Soon Terence’s fingers were exploring between his legs. He chuckled sensuously when he discovered how wet Collin’s cock slit was. He nibbled at the base of Collin’s ear while his hand stroked and then squeezed the man’s throbbing cock. Meanwhile, Doug’s cock looked, to Collin, like a mouthwatering tower of meat—and Dan’s hungry hole was at the ready.

Collin heard the erotic snap of condom rubber behind him, and he braced himself against the arm that now wrapped itself around his chest—the same arm whose digits had titillated his crotch moments earlier. His tits tingled from the contact. He let Terence maneuver his body just so, gently positioning his ass in such a way that his cock could enter the hole from behind while he skillfully held him in place for the imminent pleasure ride.

It was almost too much for Collin, trying to savor each detail of watching Dan suck and lick Doug’s illustrious cock, while also focusing on being taken from the rear by Terence. The bliss of wiggling his ass into the gorgeous dude’s pelvis while his smoothly sheathed tool satisfied his fuckhole made him want to close his eyes . . . and yet the view of Dan’s shapely derriere squeezing itself down onto his bare heels, and the ravenous look on the exquisite man’s face as he attended to a deliriously happy Doug, kept Collin’s eyes open. He quivered in a paradise of arousal, overwhelmed by the combination of these elements.

"I’m going to come!” Doug was standing at an angle that permitted him to make eye contact both with Dan and with Collin as he said it.

"Yes, come for him, my man,” said Collin, his fingertips spidering over his own bush, en route to his red-hot cock. Then they arrived there; and, unable to take any more buildup, he exploded in time with Terence’s pumping urgency, while Doug shot onto Dan’s beautiful chest—creaminess on creaminess—and Dan reached underneath Doug’s balls to feel the prostate’s final spasms. Terence groaned handsomely and let go, and Collin went crazy with ecstasy, with his life partner spurting and his partner of the moment fucking him and lovely, lovely Dan furiously jacking himself off and shivering into orgasm.

After a few sacred heartbeats of quiet, Terence’s charismatic voice came alive behind Collin’s ear. "Like Dan said, we don’t usually do this.” He kissed Collin’s neck. "But this was special.”

Dan looked over at them, licking his lips. "What do you mean ‘was,’ darling? These nice men invited us to go to bed with them, and we haven’t gone near the bed yet.”

This was more or less correct, Collin realized. Though the cabin was modest enough that nothing was truly distant from the bed, the foursome had thus far inhabited only the floor space mapped out by the door, the bed, the dresser, and the chair.

Dan was running a finger along one of the sticky trails that Doug had painted onto him. He brought the finger to his mouth, winking salaciously—yet elegantly—at Collin.

Collin shut his eyes and squirmed in Terence’s arms, as a new wave of dripping excitement overcame him. This was shaping up to be the most aesthetic night of his life.