A buddy writes regarding a problem he's having in the bedroom.  He explains what's happening with his boyfriend, what's going wrong, and wonders whether he should start looking for a new man:

When my boyfriend sucks my dick, I lie on my back and he curls up between my legs.  So far so good.  While he sucks, he reaches up to my chest, and one hand plays with my most sensitive tit while the other fondles the fur between my pecs (which is great, because it makes me feel very manly to have my chest hair stroked).  Ideally, he would take my load in his mouth and not swallow immediately but rather savor the cream as he climbs up to my face and feeds me his own jizz, and then I'd spit his wad into his mouth as we kissed so that we'd both taste our combined loads and spit.  And then he'd swallow all of it like a desperate cum-and-spit slut.  But what happens is, as I pump my fuck in his mouth, his cock rubs against my thigh and he jizzes all over my leg.  So I can't spit his load back to him.  Yes, he can scoop up some of his cream and let me lick it off his fingers, but it's just not the same as feeling him squirt in my mouth.  We've talked about the situation several times, and he always promises to hold off on his ejaculation until he's mounted my face, but he invariably slicks my leg and we miss out on mixing our loads in his mouth.  I have no reason he's a premature ejaculator.  He just gets too excited while sucking my dick and won't exercise any self control on my behalf.  I'm beginning to feel as if he's just too clueless or selfish to keep around, even though he does love to drink my piss before and after our mansex.

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