lips and eye"He had lips like silent eyeballs" — that sounds rather peculiar, but John McManus' figure of speech has a certain ring to it. Sometimes a man's lips do play a game of "who will blink first" with you. A man's lips can stare you down, daring you to go in for a kiss.

Have you ever been in a showdown with a pair of lips?
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Here are some things a man's kiss tastes like, culled from our erotic research:

  • fire
  • rain
  • salt
  • intimacy
  • exotic wine
  • desperation
  • violence
  • hunger
  • frustration
  • heaven
  • old beer
  • honey
  • olives
  • the sea
  • power
  • paradise
  • happiness
  • snow
  • champagne
  • arousal
  • rusty water
  • sun
  • cock

On the Bench by Men at Play
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