In the best of all worlds, we'd jack off our morning hardon before rising for the day, enjoy some steamy shower sex as we get ready for work, get groped on the train on the way to the sperm bank, take in a sex education class after work, enjoy an all-gay 3-D movie at the local cineplex, wind down with a naked hot yoga class, and spend our final waking hours making mad, passionate love to any number of men on our orgy-sized heavy-duty mattress.

But in the daily life most of us experience, we don't prioritize mansex.  Here are five reasons to pull out your dick right now and drop a load:

1. Jacking off makes you look good.
  No kidding—masturbation has cosmetic benefits.  Yanking your crank burns calories to reduce body fat, builds muscles to sculpt a more masculine body, and makes your face appear more youthful.  Just watch any porn clip, and instead of staring at the man's cock study his face before and after he shoots off.  After orgasm, a man's relaxed, contented face looks five to ten years younger.

2. Jacking off makes you feel good.  Orgasm endorphins are mood-enhancers.  When you release sperm, you release tension.

3. Jacking off fights illness.  Masturbation improves the functioning of a man's immune system and makes the prostate gland healthier.

4. Jacking off fights stress.  Orgasm burns off excess energy that could otherwise aggravate heart disease, migraines, ulcers, and angry outbursts.

5. Jacking off improves stamina for man-on-man action.  Practicing delaying your orgasm while masturbating will help you enjoy longer sessions with another man.  Think of jacking off as endurance training.  Plus, before a date, if you take the edge off your sexual excitement through masturbation then you'll be less likely to shoot off too early when you pair up later.