During a mutual j/o session, delivering meaningful praise of your buddy's physique, size of cock or balls, or ejaculatory force can make things even hotter and can help ensure follow-up sessions.

1. Ask your buddy for advice.  J/O buddies are flattered to be asked for advice on how to handle a dick, how to keep from ejaculating too early, how to squirt farther, and how to experience a more powerful orgasm.  Be sure to take the advice you receive, or this approach will backfire.  For example, if your buddy recommends tit-pinching for a more powerful orgasm, be sure to pinch your tits the next time you jack off together.

2. Be specific.  Instead of simply saying, "You look hot when you cum," it's more effective to say, "The way your pecs swell up as you shoot off is truly wild."

3. Mean it.  In other words, praise only what you sincerely find hot in your buddy.  If his cock is of average length, don't pretend it's the biggest one you've ever seen.  But if his cock is genuinely thick, for example, then that might be worth praising.

4. Don't go overboard.  This is a j/o session, not a marriage proposal.  If you overdo praising your buddy's masculinity, it reduces the benefit.