Dear Bearded Confidant,

Hi!! I am a teenager (18 years old) who really needs your help. I don't know if I am gay, but I do surf around on the net after beautiful, naked, well built men. I love doing this, but in the latest days, this has not been enough for me. I look around for cute men all the time when I am out in the city. I find some but have no clue how to get to know him. Sometimes I lay down and imagine someway I can meet a beautiful male and I dream about how it would feel like touching him and stuff. This might not be a problem if I was older. So... Do you have any advice for a teenager that wants to feel another man's body? What do gay teenagers do? How do they find partners? Or do they live with their dreams until they are old enough to make them come true? Hope you can give me some advice.

Dear Too Many Dreams,

Your desire for masculine companionship is perfectly natural, especially with a man who could initiate you into the wide-ranging pleasures of mansex.  Though at 18-years-old you have reached the age of consent in most communities, you may find older men hesitant to approach you lest you turn out to be underage.  That's because any adult man who has sex with a minor will be breaking the law.  Since you're too young to get into most clubs, I recommend simply doing the things you love (sports, arts, crafts, volunteer work, community education courses) and chatting up each and every hot guy you meet.  Once, when I joined a computer users group, I stood in the doorway scanning the room for an empty seat, and one guy spotted me and motioned me to come sit by him.  It turned out that he was gay and that he thought I was attractive.  That very day I had his business card and an invitation to visit his apartment.  You need to be that guy who motions for men to sit next to him.  Why dream it when you can do it?