Dear Bearded Confidant,

A hung gym buddy of mine and I spend a lot of time together playing sports, drinking beer and talking about straight sex.  In fact, once we have a beer or two, we talk about sex almost constantly.  The conversation always seems to focus on cocks eventually (the thickness of his (thick!), the length of mine etc.) and how women must really enjoy to be fucked.  When changing at the gym, I'm sure he jerks off in the shower (they are private) because his cock is ALWAYS semi-erect when he dresses.  He always takes many minutes to dress, facing me directly and talking constantly while stroking his substantial semi-rigid cock with his towel. During the process, he makes sure I see all the details including his shaved balls, closely trimmed pubes and tight little ass pucker.  Away from the gym, we are often naked and alone together when swimming, boating and in his hot tub.  The other night I had a few too many drinks, got a little over-zealous in the tub and started stroking his cock. Almost immediately, he jumped out, wrapped up in his towel and told me to leave.  I said sorry and left.  Early the next morning, he called me and apologized for his behavior.  He stated that he "wasn't gay" and that I would need to satisfy my needs elsewhere if this is what I wanted.  Rather than avoiding me (much to my surprise)!, he continues to call me and has "bumped up" his gym change room behavior to a clearly sexual level now. For instance, when the change room is empty, he pulls his towel completely off and actively strokes his cock while I watch.  I show him my fully-erect cock, dab at my pre-cum (which, by the way, is present and coats my jockeys each and every time I see him now, dressed or not) and lick my sticky fingers while he watches and dresses.  I'm going crazy... what do I do with this??  Seriously, I want to fuck this guy badly every time I see him.  My brain tells me to run away from this "cock tease" as fast as my legs can carry me but the thought of sucking this guy's sausage constantly makes me want to continue just in case he changes his mind.  Help!!!

Dear Cock Teased,

You're describing a rather widespread phenomenon — a straight buddy doesn't mind talking sexy and flashing his goods for another man, but he insists on a "look but don't touch" policy.  Yes, your gym buddy is a cock tease, and the problem is that he is satisfied by this arrangement.  In other words, he's getting his exhibitionistic kicks while you're left with blue balls.  Why would this man change his mind and let you fuck him, when he's the master of this game?  Sadly, I don't think the odds are in your favor of helping your friend fully explore his gay side.  Oh sure, deep down inside he clearly wants to experience mansex.  Otherwise, there's no way he'd let you see his hardon, much less jerk off in front of you.  Here's my suggestion for giving this scenario one last chance.  Go cold turkey on him.  When you're getting dressed in the locker room, turn your back so that he can't see your cock.  Sure, let him glance at your buns, but otherwise maintain your privacy.  Don't give any eye contact to his cock and balls as he dresses in front of you.  He certifiably wants you to goggle at his goods, because that's his personal turn-on.  Deny him his power in this situation, and there's a tiny chance he'll finally break and make a move on you.  At the end of the day, you have to look at this relationship objectively—you want to fuck, he says he doesn't.  Case closed.  Now, if you were both satisfied by sexual tension that never culminates, then you'd be in a terrific position of having a regular buddy to play horny games with.  But since you want more and he's physically but not psychologically ready to take things further, my best advice is for you to move on to the other sexy men out there who are both ready and willing to experience mansex at its fullest and finest.