Dear Bearded Confidant,

A friend of mine has been horny for all his life.  Sometimes he comes over and we watch a porno together.  Sometimes we  get on the internet and look at sex stuff (always heterosexual.)  I also have a hot tub and we get in and let the jets stimulate our cocks.  All during this I have wanted him.  He is totally straight though.  He won't even let me see him naked when we are playing around in the hot tub (he always has his trunks on when he gets in and if he takes them off to use the jets or if we play truth or dare he always has the bubbles on and gets the water all foamy so you can't see anything under the water.)  What should I do?  I have not let him know about my interest in guys.  All I want is to have a jack off session with him out of the tub or at the most have him suck me and/or I him.  How can I set the mood.  If it doesn't work out what will I do?  Help please!!!

Dear Foaming,

The fact that you and your buddy are already looking at sexy internet sites and spending time in the hottub means that you're more than half-way toward becoming jerk-off or suck/fuck buddies.  Do NOT confront your friend about being turned on by guys.  That will only put him on the defensive and could ruin your relationship.  Instead, allow things to develop slowly.  The next time you two are looking at porno sites, start absently massaging your dick through your jeans.  Don't make a big deal of it (don't worry—he'll notice what you're doing).  That may give him permission to do the same, and you could end up whipping out your cocks and jerking off to the pics on the computer.  Solo masturbation may eventually lead to mutual masturbation, which may later lead to sucking.  If he doesn't touch himself through his clothes, you must decide whether or not to push things a little and unzip your pants anyway.  As long as you aren't waving your dick in his face, he probably won't react poorly.  After all, it's natural to be turned on by the sexy pictures, so your friend will understand that your hormones are kicking in.  You should also consider renting a bisexual video to watch with him.  That can also lead to solo jerking-off, and the gay aspects of the film might open up some casual mutual touching between you.  The key is to play it cool.  The fact that your buddy feels comfortable hopping in a hot tub with another man—even if he doesn't strip completely—means that he doesn't have too many hang-ups.  Demonstrate that you are relaxed and cool and let him follow your example.  See also my archive items on how to initiate sex and how to turn a jack-off buddy into a fuck-buddy.