Dear Bearded Confidant,

You have always been a good source of advice and information for me, and my partner and I have greatly benefited from the information in your column. I have a question about lube application.  My partner is HUGE.  A good 9" of thick (and curved) cock that I love to try to ride.  The problem has always been adequate lubrication (your advices solved our pool dilemma!).  A local leather shop sells pump-action oil cans with the long, articulated nozzle to reach DEEP inside.  The concept is good.  No sticky goo on the hands while getting ready and no muss no fuss on the sheets (later is another story!).  These cans are made of metal.  Would I be at risk of any problems due to the interactions of metal and lube?

Dear FLMan,

The pump-action oil can sounds perfect for your deep lubing needs.  Though it is uncommon, some men have allergies to certain metals.  If you haven't had metal allergies in the past (typically discovered by wearing rings or getting pierced), there is probably no need for worry.  The lube is unlikely to interact with the metal in any harmful way.  However, if the oil can is made of steel (even stainless steel) and you are using a water-based lube, there is a chance that it will eventually rust.  It would be safest to use an aluminum oil can or an oil-based lube rather than a water-based lube.  (Of course, with oil based lubes you'll need to get condoms that are oil-lube compatible, since regular latex condoms don't hold up with oil.)  Just make sure that the oil can's nozzle has no sharp edges, and be sure to insert it very slowly so as not to puncture your insides.