Dear Bearded Confidant,

To me there is nothing sexier than a stud who has hairy growth under his arms as well as a hairy bush surrounding his cock.  Us guys with hair need to be extra clean so we do not turn off our partners, but I am wondering just how common a fetish it is for guys to want their lovers to have hairy pits and cocks.

Dear Curious,

By all means stay clean, but don't go to too much trouble to be "extra clean," or you may literally be limiting your sex appeal.  It is little known that the apocrine glands in the armpits secrete a special kind of sweat that attracts sexual partners.  This sweat is only released when a person is under stress or is sexually aroused.  The navel, genitals, and nipples also secrete apocrine sweat, but in lesser amounts than the armpits. Sex researcher Pam Winter explains armpit apocrine this way: "When human beings began to walk upright and have sex face-to-face, the concentration of the active apocrine glands moved from the genitals up to the armpits in order to lure sex partners."  So your attraction to hairy armpits and genitals may be rooted in your ability to sniff out horniness in men.  I recommend that all men wash their hairy areas in the shower, but then go easy on the deodorants (and never use antiperspirants), lest you decrease your body's natural sex-aroma signals.  Body hair in men goes in and out of fashion in porno photo spreads.  I find men with their natural body hair to be far more masculine and erotic than their shaved counterparts, since shaving makes men look more androgynous and less fully developed sexually. Luckily, plenty of people share my taste for men in their natural state, and there is plenty of manly fur to be found in sexy photography.