Dear Bearded Confidant,

I believe I'm a very sexual person.  I get horny several times a day, but it seems like an aimless lust not directed at either sex.  On top of this I find myself going through strange swings of being attracted to women and then men and back for no particular amount of time.  I've watched both orientations of porn, had phone sex with both men and women and gotten off.  But in terms of actual sexual experiences, I'm limited to women for the moment.  I'm not really sure if I should explore homosexuality due to the uncertainty of my attractions.

Dear Swing Voter,

It sounds like you're in an enviable position of openness to possibilities -- you can relate to heterosexuality and homosexuality without prejudice. What you call "aimless lust" sounds more like you're fulfilled in your own company when you fool around solo. Being self-satisfied is the very best position, so never doubt that you're perfectly respectable in that department.

Those who never question homosexual attractions have no need to experiment, and those who do question have every need to experiment.  Two concise quotations come to mind:

"Every question presumes its answer, and finding that answer is thrilling."
—Curt Cloninger

"Asking the question presumes its truth."
—Owen Hargie

So the very existence of your question means there's probable cause to examine your occasional homosexual urges.  Some playful man-to-man exploration will help to pinpoint your precise orientation.  The great thing is that you're free to fool around with a guy if you find him especially hot, or you can politely let him know you're not interested.  That's the greatest benefit of the gay lifestyle: freedom.  Take advantage of it!  Stay open to possibilities and let yourself be guided, one step at a time, by what your heart and your dick tell you.  Sure, sometimes you'll get conflicting signals -- life is complicated that way.  If, on any one night, your heart and your dick can't quite agree, maybe that's a signal to go solo and see what happens next time.  But if they both say, "Fuck that dude," or if they both say, "Fuck that chick," then follow your bliss!