Dear Bearded Confidant,

I have been attracted to my cousin for some time now and I was wondering how I could approach having sex with him?  I know for a fact that he has a girlfriend, but he is on the swim team at school.  So who knows what he does there.  Any tips or help would be appreciated.

Dear Incest Lover,

The best thing about seducing cousins or brothers is that you already have a certain amount of intimacy built into your relationship. This familiarity makes enjoying each other's sexuality all the more easy and natural. The fact that your cousin is on the swim team means that he is used to being around other men who are scantily clad, wet, and then naked in the lockerroom, so getting undressed with you would be no big stretch for him. See my archives for advice on creating sexual situations with straight buddies. And in your particular case, I would suggest starting out on your cousin's turf — arrange to go swimming with him. Horsing around together in the pool can help lead to the sort of physical contact you desire. The game of trying to pull down each other's bathing suit is an age-old way for guys to share their masculine nature, and it inevitably leads to even wetter (though stickier) activities.