Dear Bearded Confidant,

The guy I hooked up with last weekend gave me my first chest fur orgasm.  I was blindfolded, so I couldn't see exactly what he did to trigger off my chest hairs.  How can I replicate the experience by myself?  It was the perfect preamble to a penile ejaculation.

Dear Billygoat,

There are two secrets to hairy chest orgasms.  The first is creating goosebumps.  Every goosebump can be likened to an erection.  When aroused, the hair follicle can be stimulated just like a hard dick.  With hundreds to thousands of follicular erections on a hairy chest, the resulting orgasm can be quite intense.  Every man's skin and follicles are different, so experiment with different light fingertip strokes on your chest, in different directions, to find the right sort of touch for making goosebumps. (A cool room temperature also helps induce goosebumps, of course.)  Note that I don't recommend using sensual oils for hairy chest orgasms.

The second secret is to find the precise follicle or cluster of follicles that will trigger your hairy chest orgasm.  Just as your cock as a "sweet spot" that gets you off, every man's chest has a particular spot that's more erotically sensitive than the rest.  Once you find it, you can use it to speed up your orgasm (by stimulating it double-time) or postpone your orgasm (by devilishly neglecting it).

It's important to address tit play.  By all means do play with your tits as you stimulate your chest fur, but remember to keep the main focus on your follicles if you wish to experience a full hairy chest orgasm.  If you typically play with your tits as you stroke your dick, your body will associate that arousal with penile ejaculation, so too much tit play during chest fur stimulation will surely make your splooge your cream in lieu of a hairy chest orgasm.

My biggest advice is to take your time and really get to know every single hair on your chest.  Just as you had to learn how to masturbate and how to induce your first penile orgasm, you have to learn how to properly stimulate your hairy goosebumps.  The pleasure is definitely worth the trouble.