Dear Bearded Confidant,

I have a couple of questions that I hope you might be able to answer.  I have licked my penis when I was masturbating a couple of times. I only  licked the head & the tip from where the piss comes through. My question is, is it safe to do this or can you get a std or some other illness?  Also I have thought about swallowing my own cum but when ever I'm about to do it I stop & I can't go through with it. I would like to know if this is  safe/healthy to do? Finally, I have a girlfriend & we are both virgins.  I was wondering  if I lick my penis & swollow my cum is it safe for her to deep kiss me or  should I wash my mouth out or should I not kiss her for a few hours? I am one  of those people who worries a lot about HIV & that's why I want to make sure  that it is safe for her to kiss me.  Oh yeah I just remembered another question I have. I really want to kiss my  girlfriend's tits & suck on them. I have kissed her breast once but I have not  sucked on her nipple. Is it safe to kiss her breast & is it safe to kiss/suck  her nipples or can you catch an std this way?

Dear Really Worried,

Licking or sucking your own penis is safe as long as you don't already have a sexually transmitted disease. For example, if a virus is lurking on your dick, you could spread it by introducing it into your mouth. But as long as you are clean, lick and suck your cock as much as possible. Many men would give anything to have your ability! Eating your own semen has no negative health problems. As for deep kissing your girlfriend after you suck your own cum, anytime fluids are exchanged there is a possibility of spreading diseases. The only totally safe sex involves absolutely no exchanges of bodily fluids. Sucking on nipples should be safe as long as your girlfriend is not lactating.