Dear Bearded Confidant,

I was fucking this guy the other day.  He was sitting on my cock, facing me and jacking his cock.  I was using a condom and he was not.  When he came, a small drop of his cum shot into my eye.  Two questions:  Can cum hurt your eyes?  What are the chances of an HIV infection from cum in the eye?  If this is a problem, how do you suggest dealing with it.  Having him wear a rubber does not really seem like a good idea.  What would you suggest? 

Dear Shemaus,

Watching a man pump out his semen is indeed a wonder of nature, and a great many of us don't mind feeling that semen splash on our faces in the process.  But semen has a nasty habit of irritating us temporarily when it gets in our eyes, as you discovered for yourself.  While it is very unlikely that you contracted HIV in the process, please do keep in mind that any unprotected sex is technically "unsafe."  To anyone engaging in any sort of sexual actiivity, I recommend regular testing for HIV, even if you consider your activities to be totally safe and especially if fluids are flying.  As for your partner, if you don't want him to wear a condom then encourage him to aim for your chest as his cock explodes.