Dear Bearded Confidant,

I am a straight guy, but would love to go to a "cruising" area.  There are some in my area but I am inexperienced and dont know what I should do while I am there.  There is a theater around me, but what is the "etiquette" while someone is there?

Dear Adventurous,

If you go out cruising, you should expect to be hit on, because the guys around you will presume that you are there because you are as horny for mansex as they are. If you think you might get cold feet, don't go out in the first place because men often get angry if they feel they have been led on or teased around. If you go out cruising, you are likely to be approached by many men who aren't your type. The most important etiquette for cruising is not to be rude to a man you aren't interested in. If someone comes up to you and you aren't turned on by him, tell him you are resting and he'll move on. Not much talking is generally involved in cruising. Men make eye contact with each other and gravitate toward one another when the vibe feels right. In a dark theatre, it is usually less about eye contact and more about eager fingers on zippers. Of course, cruising can be very dangerous. All cruisers are, by definition, on the prowl. You never know who you are going to meet. It could be a police officer, it could be a psychopath, it could be the most awesome fuck of your lifetime. It could be a virgin or someone with a deadly disease. Yes, cruising is risky, but it is also indescribably exciting. Use your head before you go out, and pack lots of condoms.