Dear Bearded Confidant,

How can I make my cock taste sweet?  I once sucked a guy off that had the sweetest cock I ever tasted.  How the heck did he do that?

Thanks.  My cock is awaiting your answer. :)

Dear bgntail,

Cock in bath salts
Thanks to Baal in NL
To ensure sweet-tasting skin, you need to purge your sweat glands of toxins.  First, soak your body in a bathtub filled with hot water and two cups of epsom salts (plain epsom salts can be found in any grocery, and fancier blends with detoxifying herbs can be found at health food stores).  Epsom salts draw foul-tasting toxins from the body.  Use water hot enough to encourage a sweat, and sip fresh water throughout your soak to stay hydrated.  After your soak, take a cooler shower to remove any salt residue on the surface of your skin.  Use either unscented glycerin soap or pure coconut oil soap.  Either soap will leave your skin clean and fresh tasting, as they contain no chemicals.  For best results, also follow my program for sweeter-tasting cum, as that diet will help make your skin taste sweet, too.  There are some body powders on the market (do a web search for "sweet body powder"), but I haven't tried them as they aren't necessary when you follow my advice for detox soaking and unscented soap.

Beto Castillo by Badpuppy
Beto Castillo (Badpuppy)